Knights of Columbus

Shining Armor Award Program

Shining Armor Award Program

shiningarmourawardThe Shining Armor Award Program is a great recruitment tool. It not only assists in recruiting new members to the Knights of Columbus, but also aids in retention by involving new members in our programs and activities. The more active members are in our programs, the more likely they are to remain in the Order.

The Shining Armor Award program was originally created in California. Our current State Deputy, Ed Huestis, is credited with contributing greatly to the success of the program during his years as District Deputy in the late 1990s. He subsequently went on to become the first Shining Armor Award Program Chairman. Shortly after its introduction, the program was replicated with minor variations by Supreme. We would, of course, prefer that councils continue to participate in the California Shining Armor Award Program.

To obtain the Shining Armor Award a new brother Knight must do four things:
·       Recruit one new member within one year of taking their 1st Degree
·       Participate in at least three council activities
·       Advance to the 3rd Degree
·       Meet with their Field Agent

It is the ideal way for any council to get their new members active and keep them active. Getting new members active in the Knights of Columbus is the concept behind the Shining Armor Award. Recruiting new members is a great accomplishment, but it works out for all when new members also become active in the council’s programs and activities throughout the Columbian Year.

Having new and younger members take active roles as early as possible opens up many more doors and avenues for the council and increases their chances of success. Their enthusiasm and youthful attitudes can be the energy that is needed to get new projects off the ground or to help see them through to the end.

CLICK HERE for instructions on the Shining Armor Award Program along with the application form. Existing members may qualify for the award by recruiting two new members along with meeting the criteria listed above. It is recommended Shining Armor Award tracking cards be routinely distributed to candidates at their 1st Degree. They are available in both English and Spanish and can be obtained by contacting the State Office at

Working together we can ensure a strong and successful Columbian Year!

Remember: Every Member a Recruiter!

Ernesto J. Medel
Shining Armor Awards Program Chairman