ID Drive-Special Needs Campaign

Our fundraising drive to help children and adults with special needs.  

Find out more about our Carnival for children and adults with special needs.  This will be our 43rd year sponsoring what is called “Day of Sharing”.  Learn More.

January 2022: The Board of Directors formally voted to dissolve the Chapter Charities 501c3 corporation at the January director’s meeting   This begins the transition process to place management of ID collected at Chapter and moving our funds from current accounts to the Knights of Columbus DAF.  The transition team plan is close the corporation by June 30, 2022. 

Chapter’s “Special Needs Standing Committee”held its first meeting (April 2022) to prepare for the transition from OCCC’s pending dissolution. One, two, and three year terms were set for the elected committeemen.  Darnell Wyrick was selected as the committee chairman and Ralph Ruiz was selected as the treasurer.  The terms of office are as follows:

                                    3 yr – Nat Chavira

                                    3 yr – Ron Klucsar

                                    2 yr – Ralph Ruiz

                                    2 yr – Darnell Wyrick

                                    1 yr – Bill Flood

                                   1 yr – Jack Haney

Committee operating procedures for the Chapter Special Needs standing committee are being generated to enable that group to assume the work of managing and distributing ID collected monies beginning on July 1, 2022.  CLICK HERE for Chapter Charities Committee Grant Request Proposal Form.  Email completed form to: wyrickrx2000 at 


Columbian Foundation Mission
The Columbian Foundation Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life, learning, and main stream employment for children, teens, and adults with Intellectual Disabilities.

The Foundation will accomplish this mission by raising funds to create a variety of state-wide programs such as education in residential care facilities, the Special Olympics, on the job training and summer camps for people of all ages, regardless of race, creed, color, or gender.

The Columbian Foundation Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit California Corporation.  It is organized exclusively for charitable or educational purposes benefiting people with intellectual disabilities.  The Foundation has been found to be in compliance with the provisions of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation was incorporated in the State of California in 1988 and has held an annual fund raising drive every year.  CLICK HERE FOR FORMS