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3rddegreelogo The Knights of Columbus have always been interested in developing strong and vibrant families. that being said we wanted to take this opportunity to share some details about the family of the month program.

The Family of the month program was started by our Supreme council in 1978 since then it has grown into one of the orders most successful programs. Your state council family activities team would like to assist you and your councils in making you monthly  selections. If you go to the Supreme website type in family of the month in the search bar ,or here is a link to the family of the month handbook # 1993 . This booklet has everything that your council will need to keep record of your families chosen , forms to fax to Supreme office, and the deadlines for submission. August 15, is the deadline to submit your councils family chosen for the month of July the first month of our new Columbian year.

 Family of the Month” Supreme Council Selection Deadlines July Family — August 15 August Family — September 15 September Family — October 15 October Family — November 15 November Family — December 15 December Family — January 15 January Family — February 15 February Family — March 15 March Family — April 15 April Family — May 15 May Family — June 15 June Family — July 15

On the 15th of each month 100 family of the month forms will be selected randomly . The families chosen will receive a beautiful Holy family gift ,and a letter of congratulations from Supreme knight Carl Anderson. We hope that your councils family chairman will find this information helpful.

Sincerely your family activities team.

John Pozniak , Ernesto Medel, Albert Morales, and myself Jeff Patino.