Knights of Columbus

Chapter News August 2015


Brothers All…

Held the first meeting of the new Columbian Year of 2015-1026 at St. John Neumann Parish. Great attendance; many thanks to all.

Highlights of the meeting follow:

  • Introduction of a great team of Chapter Officers, Chapter Program Chairmen, and District Deputies.
  • Chapter goals for Year 2015-2016 (partial):
  1. ID Drive: Attempt to increase number of sponsoring Councils from 34 to 40 of total 47 total councils. Strive to have donations from sponsoring councils to reach $4,000 for recognition at State convention.
  2. Veterans Wheelchair Program: Conduct 20 wheelchair events in next six months for May 18th, 2016 distribution on Veterans Day.

Ask each council to at least budget $450 for the purchase of three (3) wheelchairs. Chapter target would be $20,700 for the purchase of 138 wheelchairs.

  1. Increased spirituality: Perhaps pray the Rosary prior to the start of the meeting as is done at many of the councils.
  2. Complete and distribute the Chapter Directory in September.
  3. Chapter presentations: Request speaking time at each of the councils in order to inform the membership of the more than twelve programs that Chapter supports.
  • Motion was made and accepted to move the Vocation savings CD from Bank of America to a financial investment corporation in order to generate more interest money for support of seminarians.
  • Motion was made and accepted to create a three member Board of Trustees composed of Past Chapter Presidents to assist with the annual audit of the Chapter financials and to act as an advisory group to the Chapter Officers. Term of office would be a scale of one year, two years, and three years. Initially the members will include the following Brothers: Jack Haney, Dan Lucas, and Ronn Knowles.
  • Important Dates:

1.D. Drive Kick Off Meeting was August 1st . Lets all begin making our plans to support this important program..

Council forms…Forms #185,365, and Chapter Directory Information sheets,.

  • Sick and Distress…please pray for our Brothers and their families who are experiencing difficult times.
  • Forms due: 08/15… Semiannual Council Audit #1295-1 08/15… Soccer Challenge Kit Order Form SC-Kit 09/01 ….Essay Contest Kit Order Form EA-Kit

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Pray for us.

Jack Cleary

Orange Chapter President