Knights of Columbus

Walk for Life Oct 1st Please Help

Walk for Life Oct 1st Please Help

Worthy GK’s, FS’s, and Council leaders of Orange County Chapter,

As you know, Bishop Vann has asked for the Knights of Orange County take the lead on the Orange Walk for Life and it is rapidly approaching on October 1. Councils have important roles in making this a success for Bishop Vann.


Have your Councils attend the October 1 event and assist Chapter with the following:

  1. Bottled Water Donations (Councils to contribute/donate 5-10 cases of water)
  2. Snack Donations (Councils to contribute/donate 5-10 cases of fruit snacks or granola bars.
  3. Cash contribution to assist Chapter in offsetting costs. ($200/Councilis requested with Checks payable to OC Chapter)
  4. Bring K of C Pop-Up Canopies (minimum of 4 needed.)

Knights of Columbus

  1. Fourth Degree
  2. Procession Team (minimum of 8 Color Guard)
  3. Blessed Sacrament Canopy (4 Color Guard)
  4. Procession Guides along the route
  5. Districts and Councils DonationsNeeded:
  6. WaterDonations (Councils to contribute/donate 5-10 cases of water)
  7. Snack Donations (Councils to contribute/donate 5-10 cases of fruit snacks or granola bars.
  8. Cash contribution to assist Chapter in offsetting costs. ($200/Councilis requested.  Have Council GK, FS, and Treasurers make checks out to OC Chapter.)
  9. Bring K of C Pop-Up Canopies (minimum of 4 needed.)
  10. Knights on Bikes
  11. La Purisima to Christ Cathedral grand caravan
  12. Designated parking area for up to 300 motorcycles. (North side of north aisle of parking.)
  13. Line the Procession route.
  14. Knight Teams of Districts (126, 127, 128, 129,130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137) and their Councils assist in the following:
  15. Set-up Chairs and Tables: 7:30 AM (Led by Districts 131 and 132) 30 Knights
  16. Hospitality Tables: 10:00-12:30 PM (Led by Districts 127 and 126) 16 Knights
  17. Break down Tables and Chairs: 12:30 PM (Led by Districts134 and 135) 40 Knights
  18. Parking Assistance: 8:00-10:15 AM (Help guide Knights on Bikes and dignitaries to their parking) 10 Knights
  19. Procession
  20. Procession Line setup guide: 1 Knight
  21. Procession Canopy Team: 4 Knights (4th Degree)

iii.            Procession: 8-12 Knights (4th Degree) spaced along the route.

  1. Procession end seating ushers: 6 Knights
  2. Individual Knights
  3. Wear Knights Shirts
  4. Wear Badges
  5. Carpool


  1. Mass
  2. Bishops Vann and Thanh
  3. Music Coordination: Fr. Quyen
  4. Servers for Mass and Procession with Color Guard
  5. Reserve Seating: Outer bank of seating first 2 rows on each side for State Officers and Emcee and Speakers. “Reserved” signs.
  6. Procession
  7. Bishop Fryer starts with Adoration and O Salutaris Hostia
  8. Fourth Degree Color Guard Team (8 to 12)
  9. Procession Canopy (4 Color Guard to hold the canopy)
  10. Procession Order
  11. Cross
  12. Candles

iii.       Knights of Columbus Color Guard (4th Degree)

  1. Monstrance/Blessed Sacrament
  2. Concelebrants
  3. The Faithful
  4. Monstrance carriers: Bishop Fryer, Fr. Bao, Fr. Sy, Bishop Thanh
  5. Procession Route Guards: Color Guard posted along the Route.
  6. Music Coordination Fr. Quyen


  1. Rehearsal: Saturday September 24, 8:30 AM
  2. Schedule October 1st

8:00 AM              K of C Councils and Parish Culture of Life groups attend daily Mass at their own parishes., or attend the

8:30 AM              International Rosary at OLLV Shrine by led by Fr. Bao

9:00 AM              Trilingual Mass at OLLV Shrine by said by Bishop Vann with Color Guard

9:00 AM              Groups from other Parishes prayerfully caravan to Christ Cathedral or to La Purisima for a Grand Caravan from there to Christ Cathedral.

9:30 AM              K of C Councils that rendezvous at La Purisima join in a Grand Caravan of vehicle down Chapman Ave. from LP to CC, putting banners on their vehicles.

10:00 AM           All Groups gather at the Our Lady of La Vang shrine

10:00 AM           Pro-life partners will have tables and canopies for procession participants to learn of their ministries.

10:15 AM           Opening Prayer and Eucharistic Procession around the Christ Cathedral Campus with color Guard escort (Bishops & Priests participate in carrying the Monstrance.)

11:00 AM           End procession in front of the OLLV Shrine and retirement of the Blessed Sacrament

11:15 AM           From OLLV, several speakers discuss various Pro-Life perspectives, with a briefing on Prop 1.

12:30 PM            Closing Remarks and Prayer by Bishop Fryer.


Brothers in Christ,

Share this information with your Councils, encouraging broad participation supporting the Bishop and we will be looking forward to seeing you at Christ Cathedral.

Please let us on the steering committee know that you received this email and your sense of participation by your Councils.