Knights of Columbus

Volunteers are Priceless


What do our volunteers want?

1. They want something to do.

Once they arrive at an event, give them something worthwhile to do.  The Knight took the time to show up to help.  He may not come back if he has nothing to do.  Don’t let this happen to your volunteers. Treat your brothers with respect.  They are not your employees.

2. They want to feel welcomed.

Act as though your volunteer is a guest in your home. Show him around. Introduce him to your other council members. Don’t let your volunteer feel uncomfortable for a minute. Show that your council is warm, friendly, helpful, and happy to see your volunteer.

3. They want good training.

When training a group of volunteers, be sure to use adult learning techniques such as group involvement. Volunteers don’t want to be lectured to. They want to participate in the training.

4. They want to be appreciated.

Tell your volunteers frequently that they are doing a good job. Volunteers are not paid because they are priceless.

5. They want you to communicate with them well and often.

Regular communication is motivating for volunteers, while the lack of it is one of the chief reasons volunteers become dissatisfied.  Be ready to listen to volunteers and respond to concerns immediately. Provide regular updates or a newsletter.

6. They want to know that they are helping to make the world a better place.

Let your volunteers know how they are making a difference. Share success stories about your clients and programs. Bring them up-to-date on progress toward your organization’s goals. Let them see your work in action, and by inviting them to provide suggestions about how your work can be done even better.

7. They want to be socially connected.

Volunteering is a great way for knights to socialize, so provide the opportunity to do so. Become a matchmaker for friend making. If you think a couple of brothers would get along famously, provide that opportunity by assigning them to do a particular job together.  Encourage fraternity.


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