Knights of Columbus

Supreme Convention


A membership seminar was held on Monday.  Supreme Knight Carl Anderson asked, “Are you more active today than when you joined the knights?”  He emphasized how changing demographics has impacted total membership.  Husbands today share in many household tasks compared to past generations.  The Supreme Knight said, “We must value their time.”  Addressing the common objection given to joining the Knights, he suggested asking eligible men, “Will you give one afternoon a year to helping” …provide food for families, coats for kids, etc.

The Supreme Knight urged us to act as brothers.  The Order is more important than an individual winning every argument or having everything done his way.

At the opening Mass on Tuesday, over 200 priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals were led in by 160 Fourth Degree Knights of the Color Corps.  During the afternoon session, the Supreme Knight presented his Annual Report.  The Order’s charitable contributions last year exceeded $170 million.  Membership grew for the 42nd consecutive year to 1,862,774 knights in 14,871 councils.  Fourth Degree membership grew to 340,960 Sir Knights in 3,169 assemblies.

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