Knights of Columbus

Supreme Convention Volunteer Request

This Volunteer Request form is being circulated to Knights of Columbus who are in one of the Orange County organizations (Chapter, the Assemblies, or Councils).  Click Here for form.

The form is supposed to be accessible by the latest Adobe Readers.  If you have problems opening the file, please contact the sender.

The Supreme Convention is in Anaheim this year and there will be requests for MANY volunteers.  Since Anaheim is in the heart of Orange County, the Orange County Chapter is being called upon to provide MANY of these volunteers.

The form has several areas needing help.  Please fill out Personal data, click on selections AND click on ‘Submit’ to begin an email transaction.  The ‘Submit’ causes an email to be sent, through your email application, to the Tours Committee, as well as to the ‘personal’ email address entered on the form.

Should this email fail to be sent, or cause some sort of error, simply save and print the form and then email it manually to the email address listed next to the ‘Submit’ button.

Much thanks for your consideration and support.

Barry J.M. Crawley
Tours Chairman, Supreme Convention 2012

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