Knights of Columbus

Support Middle East Christians

Dear Brother Knight,

Christians in the Middle East continue to suffer, and in order to help them further, we need to do our part in convincing the U.S. Government to officially designate their persecution as genocide. Already many of our brother Knights have helped us give generously to humanitarian relief for those affected, with more than $8 million dollars raised. These funds have provided assistance in the form of food, clothing, shelter, general relief, education, religious instruction, medical care and much more.

Pope Francis has called what is happening to Christians in the Middle East “genocide.” The European Parliament has done the same, as have prominent voices such as the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, and Genocide Watch. This is not a partisan issue. Presidential candidates and elected leaders of both American political parties have said Middle Eastern Christians are facing genocide. But despite the evidence that these individuals and institutions have found compelling, the U.S. State Department has still not made such a designation. Experts indicate such a designation could help those who are suffering so much by opening up for them certain legal protections and options that might otherwise be unavailable.

Please take two minutes to join Supreme Knight Carl Anderson as well as Catholic bishops, Christian religious leaders and other advocates in signing the petition at