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State Deputy Message

statelogoState Deputy Message at Convention

To the Grand Knights and officers of the different councils, you made it happen for the State Council during this Columbian year. You are the grass roots and all the success that the State Council has this year started with you.

Membership in our Order is a must in order for us to succeed. ”One new member per council per month” Did this work? Yes and no. We have a majority of the councils who lived by this motto as evidenced by the latest report from the supreme council. As of the first of May, our membership rose to more that 73,000. We have established 15 new councils so far. We have 68 councils that have met the membership and insurance requirements for star council. There are 79 more councils that have met the requirements for membership and need only one or 2 members to meet the insurance requirements. On the other hand, there are 59 councils that have met the insurance requirements and need only 1 or 2 members to complete membership requirements. All in all, we have more than 200 possible star councils. That will be a first in our state.

We have 48 District Deputies that have qualified for Star District DD’s thus far.

For programs, the 3 major emphasis for this Columbian year are Vocations, Culture of Life and Global Wheelchair Mission.

In Vocations, we have almost 300 vocation grants given to seminarians and postulants here in the United States. We have more that are not included in the RSVP program like the ones that we contribute to seminarians in Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries.

In culture of life, we have added 4 ultrasound machines this year bringing the total to 34 This program truly changes lives and saves lives.

On three successive weekends, we participated in 3 major Walks for Life; one in Los Angeles, then in San Francisco then in San Diego to complete the trifecta.

Global Wheelchair Mission – The American Wheelchair Mission and the Knights of Columbus partnered together to do distribution of wheelchairs to the Philippines. We sent in 3 containers of wheelchairs (840 total), plus hundreds of canes and walkers. A contingency of 8 brothers and sisters just came back from the Philippines.

The year is not over yet. We have entered the final lap of this year’s relay race. It is time for that final push before we hand the baton to next year’s team. So let us finish this year by running thru the tape.

Again, I would like to thank everyone.

May Almighty God Bless each and every one of you and “To God be the Glory.”

Avelino C. Doliente


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