Knights of Columbus

State Chaplain’s Message

Attending the wheelchair gifting ceremony in Mexico City last week was an awesome experience for me. I am sure it was a similar experience for the forty others who were representing the Knights of Columbus and the American Wheelchair Mission led by Jerry Lewis’ son Chris. It was both heart-wrenching and uplifting to see the healthcare of those poor people being re-imagined.

The highlight for me was the instant appreciation displayed by the staff of the Telethon Medical Center as their recipients received their wheelchairs. The deep emotion and appreciation displayed by those dedicated professionals will remain with me for my lifetime. It was easy to notice the high standard of their dedicated vocations as they cared for those people in great need.

As a Catholic priest the privilege of visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe was very special. It was also an honor to concelebrate the Mass with Cardinal Rivera at the National Cathedral in Mexico City where we also distributed wheelchairs. I was fascinated and impressed to observe the Cardinal use his iPad as a Missal and for his homily text. It was a series of cherished moments as I watched each of those deserving people receive their wheelchair.

To know that their lives will be forever improved by the charity of my fellow Knights of Columbus is truly a sublime thought. It was truly an honor to see your charity at work. The thought came to me of the parallel between humanity being overwhelmed by God’s generosity to the human race through Christ and all those people being overwhelmed by your generosity. May God reward your great kindness. And thank you for the hope you have given.

Father John Cantwell


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