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Worthy Chapter Presidents, District Deputies, and Grand Knights,

Start planning now to get your Soccer Challenge off to a running start. The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge program is a great way to provide entertainment and enjoyment for the young people in your community. To start planning, there are steps that you should keep in mind: The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a competition designed for players to demonstrate the most basic soccer skill – the penalty kick. Open to all boys and girls in your community, ages 10-14, where each player will be allowed 3 practice kicks and then 15 kicks at the goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal) at the Council or local level. All subsequent levels require 3 practice kicks and then 25 kicks from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal) starting at the District, Chapter, State/Regional and International levels.

The soccer goal will be divided into a series of five scoring zones. The upper corners of the goal will be designated as 20 point zones. The lower corners will be designated as 10 point zones and the central region is a five point zone. To construct the five scoring zones attach a piece of rope approximately six and a half to seven feet in length diagonally across the four corners of the goal as shown in the diagram below. Use tent stakes to secure the bottom ropes to the ground. Winners progress to the District, Chapter, State/Regional and International levels.

The recommended time frame for the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is:

Council Championship – Early September

District Championship – Early October;

Chapter Championship – Mid or Late October

State/Regional Championship – Early November

Pre-registration of athletes will boost the number of participants and save time at the actual event. Distribute entry forms/score sheets form 4578 to approved locations. Personally deliver entry forms/score sheets to physical education teachers and coaches when possible. Have an announcement made in schools or send out a reminder of the competition immediately before the event. Be ready to accept entry forms/scores sheets from walk-in participants on the day or the competition. Please also make sure that “all” applications “must” be accompanied by a copy of the participants “birth certificate”, so that we are able to verify their age as stated on their application. Please also make sure that everyone is aware that the “cutoff date” for all age groups, boys and girls is “September 1st, 2012!

The California State Soccer Challenge in 2012 will again be conducted in the three (3) region format, Northern, Central and Southern, just as it was in 2011. The State Regional Competition is scheduled for Sunday, November 4, 2012 for all three (3) regions. The details of the State/Regional Soccer Challenge locations, times and schedules are to follow at a later date. If you need more information please contact the following for the participating chapters:

Northern California: Coordinator – Martin Espinoza, Council 6197, (916) 716-0306,,

Chapters:1. Northern California 2. Redwood 3. St. Francis 4. San Jose 5. Oakland 6. San Joaquin

Central California: Coordinator – Jeff Lambert, Council 1271, (805) 215-8445,

Chapters: 7. Junipero Serra 8. Central 9. Kern Inyo 10. Los Padres

Southern California: Coordinator – Julio J. Jimenez, Council 3601, (818) 919-9545,

Chapters: 11. Mission High Dessert 12. Southern California 13. San Gabriel Valley 14. Orange County 15. Arrowhead Desert Valley 16. San Diego Diocese

Vivat Jesus, Mahalo and Aloha,

SK Percy Park , PGK Council 6197

State Coordinator Soccer Challenge CY 2012-2013

(916)983-3368 or email

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