Knights of Columbus

SB 128 Action Steps


My Brothers, on June 4th the California Senate passed legislation that, if signed into law, will allow physicians to prescribe lethal drugs that are intended to end life.  Bishop Vann has staunchly opposed this bill and has asked for help from the Knights of Columbus.

Over the past 4 months, I have asked our members to take four actions in support of our Bishop.  First, educate yourselves on this bill.  Understand the implications of what has happened in other states and countries where this practice has been made legal.  Then spread that knowledge to friends, co-workers, fellow parishioners, and across your social networks.

Second, contact your legislators and let them know that you oppose any form of legalized suicide.  It is euthanasia in its kindest term and murder in its most reprehensible.  The opportunity for abuse by those who control the medical community and insurance has been demonstrated in Oregon, Washington, and Vermont.  Let your representatives know that this must not happen in California.

Third, offer your support to your Pastors.  Where petitions are needed, where groups of citizens are needed, and where men courageous enough to speak out are needed, we must be there.  We are Knights.  We defend the marginalized, the disadvantaged, and those who cannot speak for themselves.  We will not allow them to become victims of those who question their value.

Finally, Pray.  Believe that our Faith and our God can and will overcome the proponents of this bill.  Organize prayer as we do to end abortion.

Education is our first job.  The Diocese has given us a link to website that has training materials for those of us standing up against Physician Assisted Suicide.  Here is the link;

I ask every Knight in Orange County to go to this link, take the time to read the material presented, and take the rest of the actions outlined above.  Look closely at the timeline and understand that the need for action is NOW.

We want knights to contact their assembly members and voice their opposition. This can be done via the Californian’s Against Assisted Suicide website –

May God Bless each us and guide in doing His work.

Yours in service,

Jack Haney