Knights of Columbus

Retirement of Pope Benedict XVI

Statement of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson on the Retirement of Pope Benedict XVI
In these remaining days of his papacy, our thoughts and prayers are
with Pope Benedict XVI, who has worked so hard in leading the Church,
and has always been such a good friend to the Knights of Columbus. We
wish him all the best in his retirement. In addition, we pray for all
those cardinals who will take part in the conclave, and for his
successor, that God may inspire them as they carry out the mission
with which they are entrusted.

Statement of State Deputy Raymond Warriner on the Retirement of Pope
Benedict XVI
I join with our Supreme Knight in wishing Pope Benedict XVI the best
in his retirement and ask for your prayers for both him and the
cardinals who will choose his successor. This Lenten season will be an
exciting time. Again, the world will focus on Rome and how we choose
the leadership of the Church. This provides us all an opportunity to
reacquaint ourselves and others in the history and process of the
selecting a Pope. Let’s use this unique opportunity to teach our
fellow Catholics, other people of faith and the secular world the
richness of the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church. My God
Bless Pope Benedict XVI and his successor.

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