Knights of Columbus

Program Award Forms Due April 1st


Council Service Program Awards

Remember, these awards are based upon one project or activity conducted by the council and not upon a series or accumulation of activities in a particular section of the Service Program. Consider the following areas when preparing an entry for a project or activity:

  • Nature of the activity. Who was benefitted by the program? How did it meet a need in the community, parish or council?
  • Participation of membership. How many members participated? What percentage of the entire membership participated? All other things being equal, a program that had participation of the majority of the council will be judged more favorably than one in which only a handful of members participated.
  • How did the activity benefit the Church, Community, Council, Family, Culture of Life initiative or Youth?
  • Program originality. Was the program new?
  • Committee planning. How effectively was the program organized? How much detail was involved in staging the event?
  • Delegation of responsibility. How many members served as volunteers? Planners? How was the implementation of the project organized?
  • How was the program publicized? Did council members effectively utilize radio and television, local and diocesan newspapers, and council newsletters?

Form is due April 1st.  Click here for form.

State Awards Chairman.  Form must be mailed by April 1, 2016

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