Knights of Columbus

Our Lady of Guadalupe Program

Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Service Program, 

Brother Knights the OLG Prayer service program has been instrumental in increasing the Spirituality of countless.  Next months report will present how many.  The prayer services with the OLG Icon present inOrangeCountywill continue to March 31.  On April 2 the Icon and prayer material is to be transferred to the Northern California Chapter outside ofSacramento.  If anyone you know preferable a Brother Knight is going in that direction soon after Palm Sunday, it would be greatly appreciated if they could drive the Icon to or some location aroundFresnowhere the Icon could be transferred to a Brother Knight from the Northern Cal Chapter. 

We will be getting the Icon back from early July to end of September for activities around the Supreme Convention and Our Lady of Guadalupe International festival. 

Please contact Brother Knight Bernie Vitchus at 714-771-0984 or .