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membershipMembership Monday #48

June “Push” Contest

As announced at the State Convention in San Diego, we have a last minute “Push” contest to spur membership growth in this final month of the Columbian year.

Two, one-week timeshare vacations will be awarded based on the June Intake of new Brothers.  The Council that earns the most membership points during June will earn one timeshare.  Another timeshare goes to the California recruiter who brings in the most men during the month of June.

Council Contest

Councils will earn 1 point (up to 100 points maximum) based on the percent of the Council goal attained during the month of June.  Also, for each new or reactivated member, an additional 10 points will be added to the % total points.  Here are a couple of examples showing how the contest works:

  • A Council that has a goal of 4 members for the year that brings in 10 men during June would earn 100 points (since they recruited beyond 100% of the year’s goal).  The 10 men recruited at 10 points each would total 100 points.  So their grand total would be 200 points.
  • A Council with a goal of 20 members for the year that brings in 15 earns 75 points for the percent of goal plus 150 points (10 points per member) for a grand total of 225 points.

The top Council for this contest can decide who and how many recruiters qualify to stay at the timeshare.

Individual Recruiter Contest

This one is simple:  the recruiter with the most Form 100’s processed during the month of June gains the prize!

Both timeshares are from RCI so the winner could choose to the original week and location for the timeshare or they can search a booklet showing other timeshares nationwide.  One or more bids may be placed to exchange for the week and location of their choice.

Someone has to win, why not you!  Do your best to bring men into the Order and be sure that the Form 100’s are processed quickly and completely by June 30, 2015.

Keep Recruiting!


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