Knights of Columbus

Membership Growth

Last month, we spoke at the District Deputy meeting about providing the opportunity for men to join us. I encouraged you to start before the new Columbian Year began. I thank you for doing that. Your efforts resulted in 4,250 new men recognizing the opportunity of Knighthood last Columbian Year. 499 joined us in June alone. Your efforts resulted in the second best record of real growth in the Order in 14 years.

This is a fantastic way to begin the new year. We have 4,250 new people to advance the dream of Fr. McGivney. If each of these men shared the dream with just one other person this month, wow! If all of us just shared the dream with one other person this month, big wow!

So, as we stop and give thanks for our freedom, share the dream with an eligible Catholic man.

Ray Warriner,  State Deputy

Has your Council RECRUITED one NEW MEMBER per month?

Su Consejo a RECLUTADO un MIEMBRO NUEVO por mes?

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