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Knights of Columbus State Scholarship

From David A. Walker, Chairman, State Scholarship Committee.

One of the more important and personally rewarding programs is the State Scholarship Program. Think about it. We actually change and enhance the lives of daughters and sons of Knights of Columbus families. We help to create successful college graduates in order to meet the challenges of society.
Our Scholarship Program strengthens the commitments to succeed in life for those who just may not be able to further their education because of certain financial hardships. The 12 Scholarship recipients of 2010-11 have begun their college careers. They are attending classes across our country in schools from California to Washington DC. 

With all of this in mind, let me shine a light on the work required of your Scholarship Committee as we travel through the process before choosing the 12 recipients. Our Scholarship program is complex, very detail oriented andvery time consuming. These are the disciplines that we look at during our Committee evaluation:
High grades from seniors
College grades from continuing students
SAT scores
Class ranking
GPA of high school seniors
Depth of curriculum of high school seniors
Religious activities during all school years
Likewise for community and school activities
Three personal statement letters from applicant including why they deserve the scholarship
Three letter of recommendation from those other than family members
Financial need 

We assign a score to each of these categories up to a maximum of 10.  Our Scholarship program offers eleven $1,000 and one $750 Scholarships and they come with no restrictions as to the type of school, whether a public or private institution. Qualifications of Scholarships, Scholarship Application, Verification of eligibility, Personal statement requirements, Application portfolio deadline and Submittal location can be found in a document provided by the State Council to every Grand Knight of every California Council

Application portfolios must be postmarked on or before March 1, 2012.
Electronic submittals are not accepted

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