Knights of Columbus

Chapter News for June 2015

OC Logo150My Brothers,

I had many ideas on what I would present in my final “Chapter Happenings” for this Columbian Year.  Events have changed my ideas and brought a few keen focus points as foremost in my mind for this issue.

As you probably know at this point, the Senate Bill that proposes to make Physician Assisted Suicide legal in our state, passed the Senate In May.  On June 23rd, it will be voted on by the Health Committee of the Assembly.  The Director of the California Catholic Conference, Ned Dolesji believes that there is strong chance that it may be stopped in this committee.  If not, it will move through the committees with the final one being Appropriations in late August.

One member of the Assembly, who has constituents in Orange County, has indicated that he may support this bill.  We are focusing on making Parishioners those churches where his votes lie, aware of the implications of this bill and their assemblyman’s position.   Pastors in Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Pius V, and St. Phillip Benizi, parishes have agreed to support the Diocese by conducting petition drives against SB128.  Bishop Vann has asked his Knights of Orange County to conduct these drives and assist their Pastors in any way that we can.  We may need more help and very quickly.

Please Brothers, send representatives to the Chapter Meeting this Thursday as St. Joachim’s.  By then we will know if the bill passed the Health Committee and have a good idea of what actions we are taking.  If asked to help, contact your Brothers in your Councils.  Let them know that we are being called upon to fulfill our promises and that they are needed.  Tell them again to go to and sign the petition.  It will automatically be routed to their legislators.

I am also asking every Grand Knight to check that their Financial Secretary has sent Chapter their extended form 185 that lists the Council’s delegates to Chapter for the coming year.  There is a strong likelihood that some offices will be sought by more than one candidate this year.  Only delegates may vote in this election.

We will be making a presentation to Special Olympics at this meeting.  I hope many of you and your members can come and share in our gift to this noble cause.

Finally, I want each of you to know what an honor it has been for me to serve you during this past year.  I have known the direct support and friendship of many of you and when my personal life hit some rough spots last fall, you carried me through them while keeping the work of our Order moving.  I want to especially thank my fellow Officers and Committee Chairman who have been a magnificent team for me to be part of.

May God Bless each of you, your families, and all those whom you touch in His name.

Vivat Jesus!

Yours in service,

Jack Haney
President, Orange County Chapter
Knights of Columbus

Fr. McGivney, Pray for Us!