Catholic Sisters Week

sistersweekNational Catholic Sisters Week, NCSW, March 8-14, is the week designated to raise awareness and promote the wonderful works of women religious. We are trying to get information about the week out to every parish and Catholic organization. To learn more about what NCSW is and how to participate, visit the website, www.nationalcatholicsistersweek.org

Click on the page Get Involved to find posters that can be printed, bookmarks with the NCSW prayer, and ideas of how to celebrate sisters in your local parish. There are intercessions that pray for sisters for each Sunday in March as well as for each day of the week,March 8-14.

When you plan your celebration, whether designating a mass to pray for sisters, putting an announcement in the bulletin, inviting sisters to the Lenten fish fry, register your event on our website; just click on the diamond shape “Create Event” and fill in the information. We will promote your participation on our social media platforms and make it easy for people looking for an event to find yours!

Consider signing up for the e-newsletter that keeps you informed about the online resources about sisters and how others are celebrating sisters!

Send any questions to contact@nationalcatholicsistersweek.org

If you need posters or bookmark prayer cards, send your request to the same email.

Thank you for helping NCSW recognize sisters, their ministries, and how they are gift to the people of God!