Council Programs

Council Activities

Council activities foster a sense of fraternity among your members and their families. While much of our charitable work is focused toward the Church and community, there are times when members and their families come together in a project that fosters the unity of the group. It is through shared goals, faith and a sense of extended family that the fraternal ties of your members and their families grow. Look to conduct programs that foster this sense of fraternity or benefit the members of your council in some way.

Featured Program — Special Olympics The power of fraternity is most evident when Knights of Columbus and their families come together to volunteer, raise millions of dollars and promote the dignity of people with physical and intellectual disabilities by participating in Special Olympics. READ MORE

Additional Council Activity Programs:  Plan various social events for council members and their families. Recognize outstanding members through a Knight of the Month and/or Knight of the Year Award.  Sponsor Columbus Day celebrations in your community.  Celebrate Founder’s Day by having a special Mass or open house.  Sponsor an athletic team.  Plan a council outing to a local sporting event.

State Council Awards for Council Yearbook and Council Bulletin are located in the Program CD.